Dec. 13th, 2010

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I built this Facebook app years ago, before I went to work for punkave. Suddenly in October it blew up, as the kids say - 40,000 active users. Most of them are in India, with a substantial number in Malaysia and a smaller but not insignificant community in the US (about 4,000).

(None of them seem to be in Japan. That's a song reference. Also a Spinal Tap reference.)

I have no idea how it got discovered. The traffic pattern seems genuine, I can't find any indication of fraud.

I had no idea this was going on— I tend to write stable code that works until the sun goes nova or the API it depends on is taken away. I finally got curious when I received an honest-to-god feature request for an end user. My reaction: "seriously? You're using it? Really?" Yes, she and 39,999 of her friends it seems.

I wonder how I monetize this. Facebook does not offer any revenue sharing plan. I can display ads in "my" space on that page. I'd like to find an ad network to just do that for me.

Apparently I will have to start upgrading this app again and start studying the pattern of use. If they are using it to match with friends, then I should make the friend matching realtime and pump up the excitement factor a whole lot... etc.

(I am horrified by the appearance of the app. This was before I worked among designers for several years okay?)
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Responses are beginning to arrive
Across the ether. Make them give it up
Entirely. Demand that they subscribe
To your newsletter. Two handguns, one cup

Of cheer. Connect the dollies, meet your peers
In NASCAR crowds and half-lit coffee shops.
It's all the same. Don't blame me. Seven beers
Erase the deadly sins. It says a lot

That everyone here loves the color red
(I like it best with black). It's not a con,
It's a convention. Try to fill your head
With peace and love and get your neighbor on

In spite of dirty dishes in the sink.
Please, take a seat. A kiss. A chance. A drink.

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