Feb. 22nd, 2010

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Another pair of eyes are perched in space,
Another child bridges is and does.
Another daughter rambles sidewalks, face
To face with the gorilla that I was.

Another pair are smiling in the street,
Another pot of tea is slowly poured
Beside the snickerdoodles. Something sweet
To reinforce the bond that cut the cord

And filled his arms with everything and more.
There is no greater purpose. In the trees
A father teaches just one thing: explore.
Learn what you can, and then come back to me

And tell me what you find beyond the dell.
My eyes are old, but I see very well.
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Several years ago now I made a small batch of strong beer, sort of an attempted belgian ale thing, as sort of a tribute to [livejournal.com profile] sarcasmoscorner. I owed her a bottle of Chimay, y'see,and I never got to pay up.

The results were disappointing— it didn't ferment much at first, basically a mild ale with a lot of extra sugar— so I never mentioned it to anyone. Left one bottle in the basement, didn't even bother to put a suitable label on it. Forgot about it entirely.

Now I'm discarding box upon box of stuff in preparation to move, and amidst four dozen empty grolsch bottles (I will never again ask movers to move my empty beer bottles for me, geez what a jackass move) I come across this thing. Still labeled "BAST.BOB ROSEMARY BREW."

Y'see, a decade ago (!) I made a batch of beer with rosemary rather than hops, out of historical curiosity: they used rosemary before they used hops. Guess what, it was weird and different and people largely didn't care for it.

I thought it was that stuff so I wasn't too excited, but I was curious what ten years might have done, so I poured a glass anyway.

It was the beer I'd made for Star. Apparently it decided to take its own sweet time fermenting in the bottle.

It is Star's barleywine. It is heavenly. And there is just one bottle in the world, half of which is already in my belly. Sorry about that guys. (:

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