Jan. 23rd, 2010

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Okay, so free speech for corporations in politics is arguably bad (see my previous post and the responses that followed). And the Supreme Court has decided that the First Amendment applies to corporations, so we can't pass laws forbidding corporations from running campaign ads as they see fit.

People want to amend the constitution to address this.

Okay fine. What should that amendment say?

I've heard it suggested that a constitutional amendment should do away with corporate personhood. Okay, but how does the economy function if corporations aren't able to transact business, hold property, seek redress of grievances, etc.? And how do individuals sue corporations if they aren't people in that sense?

This ain't easy. Before I can support a constitutional amendment to address this issue, I need to know what it's going to say and how it's going to impact not just elections but also the economy.

Please note: "let's throw out the whole economy and shut down all the corporations and start over in the year zero, it worked great for Cambodia!" is not an answer I'll be taking seriously.

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