Apr. 3rd, 2009

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We're doing a lot of groovy stuff lately.

Two big things and one little thing:

1. pkContextCMSPlugin is a content management system written as a Symfony plugin. It emphasizes editor-friendly context-sensitive features. Double-click on content to edit, create and rename pages via controls in the breadcrumb trail, reorder pages by dragging them in the side navigation... as a general rule, we don't believe in dumb, ugly, modal admin pages.

2. pkMediaPlugin is a repository for images, and a meta-repository for video. (The video is actually hosted by YouTube. We plan to add support for more back ends, since they pretty much all have sexy APIs now.) pkMediaPlugin isn't just for Symfony developers; you can set it up in a Symfony project and then utilize the media repository you've created from other sites. You can easily create an interface to allow users to select media, put them in a particular order, and return to your application with that information. Then talk to our JSON-based API to find out everything there is to know about those images and videos. Then request them in any size and cropping style... and if you request that same version again, automatically get it delivered instantly by Apache as a static file.

3. We use a Campfire chatroom to keep up with what's going on during the day, and we use lots of Subversion version control repositories. So I wrote svncampfire, which provides updates in the chatroom when commits are made to folders we are about. Across several repositories, not all of which we control. If you have similar needs, check it out.

Is all this stuff in PHP? Yes. Does that mean you can't use it if you're not a PHP person? Well, you certainly don't need to be a PHP expert to benefit from svncampfire. pkMediaPlugin has a documented, RESTful API that responds with simple JSON objects, so you can use that too provided you're willing to set up a symfony PHP project to host it. pkContextCMSPlugin is for PHP developers (and their lucky clients) right now, but we're in the process of working out some exciting strategies to bring it directly to front end developers, and even directly to folks who don't know HTML and CSS.

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