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Pls note: while listening, visualize a high-budget music video in which beautiful scientists attempt to crush diamonds with a variety of implements while ignoring my text messages. Or something.

Listen to The Hardest Thing in the World

The hardest thing in the world
Is to do nothing
The hardest thing in the world

The hardest thing in the world
Is to pick up that beer
And let it sort itself out

'Cos you don't deal in patience
You remove all doubt
The hardest thing in the world

B C5 D5
Yeah you're a man of action
B C5 F
And you want answers
B C5 D5
But things don't work that way
Not even among dancers

The hardest thing in the world
C D Is to shut your

Mouth and let it be

But you can only do damage

By gilding

The lily

We all get the point
You've got a lot to offer
But when you close the joint
You're emptying your pockets

The hardest thing in the world
Is to let chemistry sort itself out
To not appear desperate
To not be desperate as well

A6 D5
But you were born for
C5 G6 G
Gestures and the stage

A6 D5
To let things take their
C5 D6 C5
Course is not your way

Hey I feel you
I feel you

The hardest thing in the world
Is to do bupkis
When you feel like
Somehow you should be able to
Turn them on to you 
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In fulfillment of [ profile] shadesong's request for a birthday poem, and also partial fulfillment of my pledge to do something creative for certain people in 2009, I hereby submit There Are Scars, a Lou Reedish number very much inspired by Her Songfulness.

Click here to listen to There Are Scars.

Lyrics and chords follow.

G                    C
There are scars that define us
G                    C
There are scars that shine
G                          C
There are scars we don't remember receiving
G                             C
It must've been a pretty good time

E7                        Am7
There are scars we didn't ask for
E7                Am7
In places I won't say
We make them ours anyway

There are scars that keep us warm
There are scars that align
(Yours and mine)

There are scars we are proud of when we see them in the mirror
Every time

There are scars that whisper
There are scars that bind

There are scars that are mostly internal
But now and they show outside
There are scars that provide
There are scars that are tougher than steel
Scars that slowly fade away
Day by day

There are scars that will never heal
Sometimes I like it that way

F#                           G#        A#       
I'm slightly broken and it's not a bad thing

            D#          C#        B            
I won't get jaded and I won't get bored
You won't be ignored

There are scars that never cease to inspire
Our souls will never be poor
Mine and yours

I push the limits and I run out of wax
Sometimes I burn my fingers
Don't want to relax

There are scars that drive us
There are scars that attract

We don't just linger what we do is abide
And I refuse to make a suicide pact

There are scars
There are scars
Yours and mine
There are scars
There are scars
Yours and mine
Yours and mine

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Last week I pledged to create something for the first five people who replied to the post. Surprisingly, only four people did. If you want to be recipient number five, go comment on that post now Edit: aaaand [ profile] shadesong makes five!

So I recorded a little ditty called Australia, which you can listen to or download on

But the big catch here is that I wrote this song with lucky recipient [ profile] xtingu's voice in mind, not my own! So I'm really hoping to hear her version of it. Possibly in partial fulfillment of her own obligations under the very same LiveJournal meme.

[ profile] xtingu, I can record a karaoke backup track if need be. Working with musicians more instrumentally skilled than myself is also more than okay!

I ended up recording this with my mac's built-in mic, which did a pretty good job, considering. But at least I wound up ordering the proper cable for my real mic. I'll probably rerecord it once I have that, and do separate vocal and guitar trax, and so on.

Lyrics and chords. )
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It's been a long time since I did the Songs to Order project.

Just now I was poking around and clicked on it on a whim and just started listening.

With a year's distance from all the flaws and screwups and shit that bugged me only because I was too close to it...

Whoa! This is a diverse and entertaining little indie album I should be completely proud of! Even the production values are pretty tolerable.

Why the hell did I stop?

Edit: eek my editing is spotty on the last few, which is a shame because some of them are strong songs.

Edit of the edit: but "Not Dracula" rules! I was hung up on the fact that it wasn't a particularly valid example of trip-hop and missed how good it is on its own merits
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Hey, I got podcasted again. The podshow "I Still Get Demented" played "Comic Book Man." The podsafe music network did nothin' for me for close to a year, but more recently my stuff has been played twice. I have no idea how many listeners that amounts to... probably a modest number... but it's neat to see the stuff finding some sort of audience.

You can find "Comic Book Man" and the rest of the Songs to Order project on

Busy 2

Aug. 5th, 2008 09:15 pm
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"Hey, Tom hasn't written a song in a while! Oh wait..."

Make with the clickage yo!

I don't have much time for songwriting these days, much less editing. But I just got my guitar back and I was real happy to see it.

This strikes me as a very possible song for Somebody Else to perform, and I'd really love to hear that. As in [ profile] xtingu on vocals. With, oh I don't know, the Joe Trainor trio. Hey, I can dream.

P.S. If simple links to MP3s are still a problem for some people (i.e. they don't play), let me know. I can do the flash player thing if needed.


Jul. 30th, 2008 09:08 am
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'07: release songs on the Podsafe Music Network. Zero plays for months. Forget all about it.

'08: out of nowhere, MicheBelz Hollywood features Zap Pow in her latest podcast ep.

Whaddaya know, it works!
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The latest installment in the KITCHENROCK series. Rise to the Occasion is a simple song, musically, but I love that lick.

There were good takes of other songs last night but I haven't had time to pull them down from the cam correctly yet. Did you know they charge better when the power strip is plugged in?

Last night this didn't get fully encoded on YouTube for about an hour, so only two people were able to watch.
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An acceptable rendition of "Rise to the Occasion." Getting a little more comfortable with the camera. Have realized the vocal/guitar imbalance is now due to the camera, rather than me: the tripod is shorter than the vocalist. It's at guitar height. Duh.

(Just uploaded this, so if you are reading my every post within milliseconds you might hit it before YouTube is ready to let you watch.)
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I'm not supposed to do this yet. I'm supposed to play with the video camera rolling for nine or twelve weeks until I don't even know it's there. And I'm supposed to wait for [ profile] nohx to set me up with video editing software that doesn't make the baby Jesus cry. And I need to figure out how to ohhh so slightly stretch an audio track in Audacity so that it remains perfectly synced with the video, so's I don't have to use the dodgy audio from my video camera.

But... what the hell: it's a snapshot of where I'm at today.

P.S. YouTube has one reference to another Tommy B. Goode. He's Japanese and he can seriously play, even in a Munch mask.
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Listen to The Zeitgeist Flows from You. As ordered by [ profile] besideserato.

Also available and downloadable on the Songs to Order page. Yes, the player there will work for those who have trouble with direct MP3 links.

Object: McMansion
Character: Miss Flox, international woman of mystery
Catchphrase: "the zeitgeist blows from you, darling!" (yeah, I changed it a little)
Genre: pop

My first Song to Order in quite a while, but that doesn't mean I've abandoned the project. I have just two or three songs to go. And then... I'll write more, of course. Haven't decided if I'll try the "songs to order" format again.

Edit: you can also find this song on my myspace band profile.
Lyrics and chords. )
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Eleanor and I made a movie! It has frickin' ponies with frickin' wood screws glued to their frickin' heads! It is a tribute to Charlie the Unicorn, featuring an original song by me. And ponies. With frickin' wood screws glued to their frickin' heads.

I have a favor to ask: please rate it on YouTube. That helps to put it in front of more people.

Watch our movie on YouTube

Watch the original Charlie the Unicorn

Charlie the Unisong: lyrics and chords. )
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I am completing a challenge out of order because I feel like it. Hahh.

Object: lederhosen
Character: Miss Piggy
Catchphrase: Don't have a cow, man
Genre: yodeling

[ profile] solestria, youdaladywho put me up to this.

Listen to How Low Do You Go?

Also available on the Songs to Order page, which should work better for those who have trouble with direct links to MP3s.

Lyrics and chords. )
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RESOLVED: any and all metaphors relating to playing cards are hopelessly worn out at this point and should not appear in new songs. On pain of death. Or possibly withering scorn.

Opinions? Counterexamples?
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My song Accomplice is featured in today's episode of the Mental Nomad podcast. (Note: the fourth song - not mine - has NSFW/not for kids lyrics, the rest are fine for work and/or kidful environments).

[ profile] scarcrest chose a highly diverse group of songs for this episode - great contrasts and good company to be in. This is the first time anyone has used one of my originals for, well, anything. So I'm excited. Woohoo! Thank you, [ profile] scarcrest!

This is as good a time as any to mention, a home for my not-so-work-related projects.
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Listen to "Let's Get It Wrong." 48kb/sec MP3. It won't eat your computer, it really won't! The lyrics are worksafe.
Lyrics and chords. )
Constructive criticism appreciated!

The usual disclaimer: this song is mine. Copyright 2006, Thomas Boutell. Should you wish to share it, please do so by linking to this journal entry. If you want to mess around with it, record it, make me rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams, make fun of it mercilessly on cable television, etc., that's probably going to be peachy but you need my permission first.
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You can roam the hills in your two-seater,
And I can push myself from door to door.
You can promise love too cheap to meter.
A hydrofoil to the farthest shore.

I can be exempt from your derision.
You can make me your most-favored nation.
We can strive to limit our emissions,
Packaging, predation, and relations.

So burn the lightest element with me.
You can feel the heat of my proposal.
Split at twenty-five or six to three.
We can solve the problem of disposal.

We'll trade our joie de vivre for carbon rights,
Then step outside to see the pretty lights.

* * *

... Listen to Your Two-Seater. Guitar and vocals. 48kbps MP3, 842KB total. In English: small. Not a long download even on a plain old modem.
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Very, very few people download the MP3s of original music that I post here. Roughly 2-4 people download each MP3. So I'm curious. And very, very thick-skinned. I'm all about the critique. Ask anybody who creates, indifference is way more frustrating than feedback, however mixed.

Edit: I forgot the "I'm hearing impaired" box. Sorry. Unfortunately LJ won't let you edit a poll without discarding the answers so far. I'm already posting lyrics, but if anyone has further suggestions on how I might better accommodate folks who physically can't listen to MP3s, feel free to share 'em. I'm aware of two deafies on my friendslist, and it's not unreasonable to think there are more lurking.

Anonymized poll:
[Poll #704115]


Apr. 3rd, 2006 10:14 pm
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I should be certified. King Midas HUNGERS. Don't worship me. Lyrics within. )

Click and listen to the MP3!

One take, except for some business at the end. I kicked the MP3 quality settings up, just a notch. The need for that is a milestone of sorts.

Copyright 2006, Thomas Boutell. Please share this song only by linking to this article. Thank you!

Constructive criticism appreciated.
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So I'm hanging out with my six-year-old daughter last night. She's making a diorama, I'm practicing guitar. I'm taking a bash through Thursdays When It Rains, and I've just sung the first verse:

Thursdays when it rains you have to know I reminisce
In the dictionary there's a picture of a kiss
Which can lead to things which lead to things which lead to this
And do I have to draw you a picture

Then Eleanor stops me.

"Daddy, do you know what would make that song better?"

"What, honey?"

"You should say what's in the picture."

"Um... ummm... umma. Sure that's a great idea honey! Thanks!"

I do not blush. I redden.

Time to pick up the kidlet and buy her new jammies

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