Aug. 25th, 2008 11:11 pm
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These were taken outside the former 611 Records, on fourth street just below South. The originals are nothing much, because I took them with a cell phone, but they work nicely at this size.
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Over two days in 2006 I walked the length of Philadelphia, camera in hand, visiting every block of Delhi Street... whether it actually existed or not.

The second installment of Mighty Delhi is up on citiesinpixiedust. If you missed the first installment, you can find the South Philly chapter of Mighty Delhi here.

Edit: fixed the permissions. No longer double secret! You can actually see the slideshow now.
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PATCO sounds the alarm for civil liberties.
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This kills me for some reason.

The front door of the Vagabond Boutique, where we saw Rick Banister's excellent show "My Documents" last night. The man has painstakingly hand-drawn copies of his social security card, high school diploma, birth certificate... I especially like the fact that the birth certificate forbids you to copy it by "photostat" but says nothing about pencil.

One of Rick's fellow conspirators drew copies of her CVS and liquor store receipts, right down to the blocky pixels of the cheap receipt printer, which I also greatly enjoyed.
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I've recently become a contributor to Cities in Pixie Dust, a blog of urban photography. Graffiti paintings of classic video game cabinets, Michael Jackson's first meeting with Bubbles on the Roosevelt Island tram, the Blessed Mother on the move... and yes, the cityspanning 50-lane ultrabahn of the soul that is Delhi Street. It's all here babe. Come check out our mad snappage!
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I used to live on Delhi Street in Philadelphia. Delhi appears and disappears as you walk through the city, with a handful of blocks scattered throughout.

In April '06, I spent two days walking the length of Philadelphia, snapping a picture of every block of Delhi Street... whether it was actually there or not.

Sometimes it's a street, sometime's it's an alley... sometims it's a state of mind.

Our journey begins in the alleyways of South Philadelphia, and will soon continue through the rest of the city.

View Mighty Delhi: South Philly on Flickr. For best results watch the slideshow. It's really more of a film... with a very low frame rate... than a photoset.

Fresh Fruit

Apr. 3rd, 2008 07:53 pm
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I wish I'd had a proper camera on me, but you've got what you've got. Note failed supermarket in background.
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Now that's user-friendly
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Atlantic Street station, NYC subway.
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Babies with frickin' laser beams in their heads.

I have been trying to photograph this poster, always in bad light at the wrong time of day, for something like a year. Wouldn't you know, the least awful picture came from the phone...
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You know this guy. [Involuntary twitch]

[ profile] devotdsatellite attempts to save us all.

Thanks to [ profile] labyrinthyne for these pics! You can see more great stuff from the zombie prom, including pics of the swankly evil photographer herself (but sadly, no group shot), on labyrinthyne's flickr stream. Hopefully one of the professionally taken shots of the three of us will make it to the official site soon.
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Taken at Benna's Cafe, 8th and Wharton, South Philly. Go buy their yummy munchies.

Took one more nice one but inadvertently included more hot barista in the shot than I feel is really permissible without her say-so. Heh.
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Totally unauthorized bad cellular snaps of Mike Bukowski's "Eldritch Stygian Horror," a show of Lovecraft-inspired illustrations now hanging at Benna's Cafe. Want to see these up close and without squinting? Of course you do. So get off your shiny white goth butts and come down to Benna's. These will be up until the second Friday in September. Reasonably priced prints are available.

Not shown: "Illustro Obscurum," a disturbingly wonderful book collecting these illustrations. Also available at a price that won't immanentize your eschaton.

Benna's is at 8th and Wharton in South Philly. Check these out and maybe, just maybe, Yog-Sothoth will eat you first.
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Agent 6060842's bedside table from Nine More Minutes. We didn't quite have time to tip stills into the movie, so this was left on the cutting floor.

[ profile] swingchickie, I apologize for dog-earing your book.
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Who does he date between battles?

Yeah he's an ice cream hero, got jimmies in his eyes... )
Ice cream heroes never really die.


Jul. 19th, 2007 08:58 am
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Warning sign at miniature golf course #1.

Just a few Cape Cod snaps. )
Tragically absent: the sign at the GOL!!! Supermarket.

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