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Hey folks,

That new social network I was talking about has come to pass. It's still in beta, but it's come along a tremendous way, with oodles of help from [ profile] catbear.

If interested, just drop me a line at and I'll shoot you an invite.
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One Post Wonder status update: I can invite people. Those people can accept their invitations and become mutual friends and see each other's posts.

Booyeah! So what's left before I can bring in alpha testers?

● 24-hour rule (that's where this started...)
● A way to follow a nifty person you discover through public posts or comments
● Edit friends
● Public/private switch for posts (right now they are all private)
● Profile pictures
● Limit the # of invites you can send
● A way to change your password

That will bring me up to the minimum feature set for folks to enjoy the experience. Then I'll welcome those who are still reading when they get to this sentence. You know who you are.
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"How's the site comin'?" It's comin'. I've started writing code, which is great, and it took a little flailing about to get my priorities straight:

Get Tom logged in
Get Tom writing posts in rich text
Get Tom reading
Get alpha testers invited
Get people commenting
Get photos in there
Get YouTube in there
Let the alpha testers (and Tom) invite more beta testers
Get ??? in there
Sustainability: introduce the option of paying for it or seeing ads
Let it grow until a point where we...
Need a kickstarter to do more scalability engineering
Which brings more attention and more people

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