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OK, so, the Brendan Eich thing. You could be forgiven for thinking it's a slippery slope to ask an employee to leave because of their personal beliefs about a social issue. Because it is.

But a CEO is not a regular employee. A CEO is a very public cheerleader for your company. It's a PR position as much as anything. The phrase "appearance of impropriety" is relevant here. You can't claim your CEO's views are not those of the company. If not theirs, then whose?

OK, so maybe you wouldn't buy that either if we were talking about Domino's Pizza, or even Microsoft, because they are for-profit companies and it's their job to maximize the stock price, not change the world. But Mozilla is not a for-profit company. It's a nonprofit organization dedicated to "openness." And that "public cheerleader" thing goes double for the CEO of a nonprofit organization.

But let's go back to the for-profits for a moment, because there's another relevant factor: companies need to retain employees. Developers are social libertarians. People who want to get married will always care more about the issue than people who want to stop them from getting married. And all of Mozilla's major competitors are rock solid on same-sex marriage, even though, as for-profit companies, they could choose to ignore it.

So at the end of the day, making him CEO was bad business. It should never have happened. He should have stayed in the CIO role, which acknowledged his considerable professional worth, and not moved into the vastly more political role of CEO.
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Anyone using them together? If I install Greasemonkey, Firefox eventually hangs on restart, and I have to kill Firefox and remove Greasemonkey's folder from mozilla/firefox/whatever/extensions.

I also have Firebug 1.2.0b3 installed, it's possible they are interacting somehow.

Greasemonkey isn't crucial for me but users of my ljwho script (a Greasemonkey script that keeps track of the real names of your LJ friends for you) are very sad because it doesn't seem to work with Firefox 3, and I am unable to debug it because I can't run Greasemonkey under FF3 at all.
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The Firefox 3 web browser is out. It is much, much faster than Firefox 2. I've been using release candidates happily for some time now. Strongly recommended. Those who use Firefox extensions that don't work out of the box with this new release may have a bit of a wait while those particular extensions are updated for Firefox 3, but that should happen quickly now that version 3 is the recommended release.

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Dec. 1st, 2006 05:49 pm
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Are you interested in little-known LiveJournal features and tools that enhance LJ in cool new ways? Check out the [ profile] lj_nifty community. I discovered it today while looking for a better place to announce ljwho. My post is in the moderation queue at the moment. Soon 5,900 LJ power users will know all about it. Rock.

Do you work with HTML? Edit style sheets? Study other people's HTML a lot? Write Greasemonkey scripts to make other people's pages less horrible to look at? Then you spend a lot of time trolling through "View Source," looking for something specific. Firefox 2.0 has a "View Selection Source" feature. It is, to be technical and precise, freaking awesome! Select the specific portion of the page you're interested in with the mouse. Then right-click and pick "View Selection Source." Makes me so happy.
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Firefox 2.0's "find" feature can now find text inside a text entry field. Like, for instance, THIS ONE.

I didn't see it mentioned in any feature lists, so I had my doubts.

Yes, I know IE has always had this feature. It's one of my longstanding Firefox grumbles.

The spellcheck is nice, though I rarely need it. And it doesn't think spellcheck is a word. Of course, it's not.

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