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The Girl Genius retelling of Cinderella is complete. A++.

I started setting aside Girl Genius comics for Eleanor when she was tiny. She is now a huge fan. I love it when a diabolical plan comes together.


Jan. 1st, 2009 11:34 am
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I'm catching up on Cat and Girl this morning.

This strip on Scooby Doo and the New York music scene is not to be missed.
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Eleanor is now the biggest Girl Genius fan ever.

I put aside the graphic novels for her a million years ago. And of course now you can read the entire thing from beginning to today online.
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The final issue of Y: The Last Man has come and gone.

That was the last comic book I cared about enough to make regular visits to Atomic City, in hopes there would be a new issue.

Tom's adult comic book fandom, 2004-2008, RIP.

(Graphic novels, I still have plenty of time for... when I can scrape the pennies together for those pricey bastards!)

Damn Cats

Aug. 28th, 2007 09:42 am
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A cat is poopin' in my garden every mornin'.

I bury the evidence deep right away, but it's too late: swarms of flies have already arrived by then.

Any advice on keeping the Damn Cat out of my garden?

Speaking of Damn Cats, The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats is a remarkable bit of retro.
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Go read Home On The Strange. And when you're done with that, add it to your friendslist.

Nicely apropos of a recent post of mine, too.

([ profile] notshakespeare rescued this particular strip from the slushpile of my infini-friendslist.)
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I love these derby-related film strip scans by Dorothy Gambrell, of Cat and Girl fame. Many thanks to [ profile] da_lj for bringing them to my attention. I have now wasted entirely too much time making an animated usericon out of them with The Gimp.

I kind of like the results of reducing the color palette to the point where I can sneak under the 40K limit. But here's the original 256-color version, just in case some Super Genius cares to have a whack at doing it better.

Speaking of roller derby, I am ordering a Gotham Girls 2007 Calendar. Mostly I just use my phone, but I need something to clip my quarterly estimated tax payment slips to. And it's, like, $7. Um, yeah, I got $7! So do you, I'll bet.
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[ profile] khaosworks brings us the Wonder Woman bondage cavalcade. Actual panels out of context, reasonably worksafe.
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This storyline of [ profile] theferrett's Home on the Strange webcomic neatly skewers what goes on in my head every time I meet a member of a disadvantaged group who just so happens to be a moron. Or a jerk. Especially that.

Plus: funny.
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A year and a half ago I took a "what superhero are you" quiz on OKCupid. The quiz told me I was Batman. Tom-Batman relations were particularly poor that day, and I pounded my shoe on the podium (*) and ranted about it.

Y'all also took the quiz and discovered: it's broken! Everybody's Batman!

Well? So? Maybe everybody is Batman! Aren't we? Aren't we?

[Thoughtful pause]

But seriously, for some strange definition of seriously... Batman doesn't suit me. Neither does Superman or Spiderman or Hawkman or the Martian Manhunter or Too Much Coffee Man. So let's back up at look at the facts:

Highly social, yet a little dorky. Physically fit but within normal human parameters, apart from a few odd talents. Believes in mom, apple pie and the American Way but doesn't dress the part. Cheerful in spite of bad shit. Good at communicating with creatures quite unlike himself. At the beach, jumps straight into the ocean, while everybody else lies around on a blanket...

Oh shit. I'm Aquaman.

The Ballad of Aquaman, MP3 (4MB total). This is an unauthorized upload of a recording by The Social Bedders. I've googled and can find a handful of references to the song, but no official band web page or CDs recorded by this band. So it seems to be an orphaned recording.

Thanks to [ profile] smittywing for exposing me to the song. Clearly someone needs to work out the tablature.

(*) According to credible sources, Krushchev never quite got around to banging the shoe, although he did remove it and prepare to do so (see the last comment on that Google Answers question).
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Trust me. You kinda need to read 'em all to fully appreciate the horror.
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I considered attending New York Comic-Con. For "Read Yourself RAW Revisited" (RAW being, of course, where Maus was first excerpted) and to get stuff signed by Brian Michael Bendis.

But those two things are on two different days, and I can't quite picture going to that much effort for two hours' fun. There's some other stuff that sounds appealing, but maybe not two days' worth of appealing.

Still, it is high time I made plans to lose a weekend in NYC. Maybe I just need a higher-wattage excuse... [thinks about friends who are currently under two feet of snow]
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Phil and Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius is now published online. There's a catch-up storyline and also a new-since-the-print-comic-ended storyline. And evidently it's coming out in book form on an annual basis. Yay!

I love their disclaimer regarding reading it to kids. Bottom line: if you think your child can survive the knowledge that grownups occasionally wear silly victorian underwear and look at each other funny, there ain't nothin' to worry about.

Not that I ever wear silly victorian underwear. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ganked from [ profile] theferrett, who has just launched his own webcomic, Home On The Strange.

Yes, yes, the web site is for crap, yes, yes, they need an RSS feed. Some things are worth a little effort.

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