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Back before Christmas, [ profile] yendi tipped me and the rest of the universe off to a $10 DVD player for sale on I figured what the hell, it's ten bucks and minimal shipping, and Eleanor could use one.

Turns out outpost is Fry's Electronics. Is anyone from California surprised that they gave my DVD player no shipping date for two months? Or that, today, I got email saying that I have to contact them if I still want my DVD player, and even then only if I agree to an "indefinite shipping date?"

I don't, of course, hold this against [ profile] yendi. But it's funny, sort of.

Cat Update

Jan. 17th, 2005 08:46 am
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Illy is still sick, but there's a good chance it's a particularly severe recurrence of sterile cystitis, which is unpleasant for cats and their owners but not anything they can't pull through and not something one can do much about, either.

The kitty emergency room is a lot like the human emergency room: if nobody dies or loses a paw, you come away thinking "man, that was a fucking waste of four hours." They were helpful, they couldn't say anything definitive, she'll see her regular vet, and it was obviously a Good Idea to rule out the worst case scenarios.

I got home at quarter to four. I'll be your zombie today. I recommend the brains. Fresh ground pepper?
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[ profile] rwx explains why magic can't be transmitted by email. Highly amusing, moderate geek factor.
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Would someone with access to the Safari browser please try visiting my secure site and let me know whether Safari complains that the secure certificate isn't valid? I'd sure appreciate it, as my testing iMac is all packed up in the basement. Thanks.

... Apparently if I want to compose ringtones for the rich and famous, or even the poor and stylish, I'll have to come up with a nice set of free samples or somethin'. So I figure I'll do that, if I can ever find the time, and at the very least people will probably gank those and I might conceivably hear one as I walk down the street and know I've arrived. Right?
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This was originally written as a response to a posting saying that Social Security is doomed to fail because each generation will, henceforth, be smaller than the one preceding it, and that we therefore have to accept social security reform. Which may not be a complete summation of what the other poster really thought, mind. I get the impression he was frustrated with the current system's innumeracy and not necessarily crazy about the "mandatory fun savings account" proposals.

Here's my take on the whole business. I think I've made a pretty good case here. Tell me where I'm wrong.

* * *

So my generation is X times the size of my parents' generation (X being less than one). That doesn't alter the fact that they are retired for only Y times the number years I'll be working (Y is also less than one), where Y is way smaller than X. Also consider that social security doesn't guarantee you the same standard of living you formerly enjoyed all by itself. More like Z times your former income, where Z is also way less than one. Specifically, I played with the Social Security Administration's estimator. For someone working about 45 years and retiring for 20 (85 is a pretty ripe age even today), Z worked out to about .3.

So let's work this backwards. Let's say my generation is .8 the size of my parents' (X = .8) and that my generation is basically responsible for paying for their retirement (I'm ignoring the fact that the fund isn't broke yet, etc). So I'm stuck paying for 1/X oldsters (1.25) in the course of my lifetime. Y is 20/45 (0.44). And Z is .3. So, the portion of my income that has to go to supporting my mom's generation is .165, or 16.5%. This is, to be sure, a chunk of change, but it is clearly not "impossible." And don't forget, there is no reason to assume our kids won't be able to hold up their end of the bargain too, as long as X is not ludicrously small (and there's no guarantee, really, that X will even be much less than one). Also, this system is a hell of a lot more compassionate and, in my opinion, more realistic than saying "everybody must save for themselves" and assuming we'll all really be coldhearted enough to let the poor savers and unlucky investors freeze in the dark at age 65.

More likely we'd wind up with a dumb inefficient bias-ridden non-system, bailing people out only at the most compassion-generating and expensive point in their misery. Kind of like health care in this country, actually.

The real problem with social security as it is constructed now is that we pretend we are saving for ourselves and it bothers us, as it should, that it doesn't really add up that way. If we could acknowledge that we are paying for our parents' generation, we could create a system that makes more sense. But for the reasons I've explained the current system is not necessarily doomed even as it is. And if it were, a system based on forcing people to save their own money (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) is not the sole, automatic, and only alternative.

Heck, I didn't even mention the possibility that the next generation's economic productivity will be higher than ours for any number of reasons. Or that the social security administration's bonds will beat inflation. Or, on the other side, life extension, but we're a long, long way from mastering that.
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A Google search for Batfall yields, "did you mean to search for Pitfall?"
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Batfall now has a scoreboard.
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It would be nifty for more people to get to see it, but I can't publicize it in my usual ways -- it's fic, and there are ethical niceties there. I can't go hyping it on my regular web site.

Suggestions for appropriate forums in which to mention a goofy batman-related fangame would be very welcome.
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Louisiana is a maze of twisty little waterways, all different.
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Kee-rist. The volume of spam went through the roof today, and my server had some definite problems. Incoming email was timing out and bouncing back quite a bit this afternoon. I've found ways to tune the mail server to cope, however, and everything is now running smoothly again.

This one wasn't my fault in the same way that a full hard drive was my fault, but I don't enjoy saying "hey, resend any important email about me winning the lottery... no on second thought I get PLENTY of email about that" two days in a row.
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We were briefly out of disk space. Any well-behaved mail server would have provided an appropriate notice to the sender of the mail or simply retried it later. But if you sent me your swiss bank account number this afternoon, you might want to send it again.
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It's one of those "nasty enough that you feel you should be entitled to whine, so you check your temperature and you're almost disappointed that you don't have a fever" virii. Exhaustion, headache, that light touch of nausea that doesn't actually impede dining, random chills, aches, sore throat, in roughly descending order of severity.

I'm not good for a hell of a lot today, but I'm ambulatory enough to pick up my kid via the subway and buy necessaries, so injections of pity should probably be saved for more deserving patients. Especially since the impurity scandal at that pity factory in England. Apparently it was laced with schadenfreude.

... And here's today's reward for reading through Tom's extremely boring exercise in superman-complex talk therapy. (Be sure to read the comments.) Those who were already reading [ profile] tongodeon in August might want to look at this just barely unsafe for work pinup of Marilyn Monroe-contemporary Jeanne Carmen instead.
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If anyone knows what happened to the [ profile] philadelphia community, please enlighten me. It was abruptly deleted today, presumably by its maintainer. Thanks.
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At least the kid figured out a way to give the poor cat a chance. Be sure to read the kid's note. Unless this is one of your "bawling for three hours at the drop of a hat" days, in which case don't click on the link at all.
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But I can live with this. Um. Now that I've fixed up the grammar.

Congratulations, you are Snoopy! Snoopy is an
extroverted beagle with a Walter Mitty complex.
He is a virtuoso at every endeavor- at least in
his daydreams atop his doghouse. He regards his
master, Charlie Brown, as a necessary evil
at least until the Soylent Green Suppertime Factories come online.

Which Peanuts character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Songs received: 23

Socks rocked: 2

Enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks, y'all.

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