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Y'know, I just rewatched Nine More Minutes and now that I have a little distance from it, I am pleasantly surprised by how good it is. We came up with a good concept for that little film and we executed it very successfully, especially considering the 24-hour time constraint of Blogathon.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my crazy-talented friends?

(That film has been viewed 398 times on YouTube, similar to most of my attempts at "real" videos. My #1 video is... the Ballad of Charlie the Unicorn. Sigh. Not by an enormous margin though.)
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Agent 6060842's bedside table from Nine More Minutes. We didn't quite have time to tip stills into the movie, so this was left on the cutting floor.

[ profile] swingchickie, I apologize for dog-earing your book.
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Last year I raised $1,000 by writing 48 sonnets in 24 hours. This year I raised $500 by making a movie in 24 hours.

Both of these are perfectly satisfactory outcomes. Not to mention, both experiences were fun and would have been worth it artistically if I didn't raise a penny.

But I find that 2-1 ratio fascinating.

Could it be that folks who read my LJ actually prefer sonnets? Or was it, as [ profile] solestria suggested to me yesterday, that writing 48 sonnets just sounds a whole lot harder than making a movie?

After all, it's true that one could point a camera at a wall for five minutes and yell "cut" and the result would technically be a movie. The same is not true for scribbling fourteen random lines. They have to scan, they have to rhyme.

I would say "they have to have ten syllables," but an awful lot of the blogathon sonnets had too many lines with eleven. Heh.

Or is it just compassion fatigue— one blogathon per friend per decade please?

Your thoughts on this are quite welcome.
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I have a favor to ask: please watch and rate our movie on YouTube.

I'm not asking you to rate it any differently than your conscience dictates. It's simply that a film that has been rated by more than a handful of people does stand a better chance of exposure to other YouTube users.

Thank you!
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Our movie, "Nine More Minutes," is in the can and uploaded to YouTube! Currently we're in YouTube's movie processing queue... WHOOPS, we're up on YouTube!

You're not too late to sponsor us and support Doctors Without Borders! Please sponsor us! Thank you.

Woo HAH!

Jul. 29th, 2007 08:33 am
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The final Windows Media export is underway. Then we upload this beast to YouTube and enter the YouTube processing queue.

As I said in the beginning, we can't predict how long YouTube will take to receive and reformat our movie, but it'll be up Pretty Darn Quick.

Is this our best work so far? In many ways, yes. Understanding what sort of story can be effectively told in five minutes on the YouTube screen is a very big part of that.Did we do everything we wanted to do? Nah. We didn't rerecord the audio, we didn't use some of the nifty stills at our disposal. But for 24 hours...

We collaborated to write and produce a five-minute film and we succeeded in reaching that goal without killing each other. In fact, as I write this, not one of my fellow filmmakers is bleeding. Well, maybe internally, it's hard to tell.

Most importantly, we had levels of fun which are criminal in several former Soviet Republics. And we raised a few bucks for a good cause along the way.

You can still contribute! Our film was made as part of Blogathon, to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. Sponsor Us!

Our YouTube upload is at 38%. If we're lucky we'll be through the queue in time for the 9am post. And then the mayhem begins!


Jul. 29th, 2007 08:27 am
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Sean K (sans an LJ) asked us what equipment we used to film our flick. I ([ profile] xtingu) replied thusly:

Hey Sean!

This is [ profile] xtingu; I'm on posting duty for the busy [ profile] boutell.

We're keeping our movie-making technology very simple. We compared the quality between our MiniDV recorder and my little Casio Exilim EX-Z50 digital camera on its video setting... and you know what? For our purposes (all indoor shooting, semi-OK household light), we figured keeping it simple would be the best approach. So we went with the Exilim with its built-in mic. You'll see it's not great (and YouTube's compression doesn't help keep things clear), but hey, we're not trying to be Scorcese. :-)

Last year this crew (sans me) did the 48-hour Film Project and used my fancy-schmancy custom-made mics and said MiniDV camera, but the movie was shot inside, outside, and in varying light... so it made sense to use that.

In other news... we're just watched the final cut and it looks dandy-good. I won't tell you about the part where we forgot to mention that this movie is part of the Blogathon 2007, and our charity is Doctors Without Borders. But we're fixing that, and then we're uploading! Yay!
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Well kids, we determined that the cause for our Windows Movie Maker dying a sad, sad death was because it doesn't place nicely with mp3s. So we converted (or reverted, where appropriate) those babies back to .wav, and the angels rejoiced.

After a speedy .wav movie insertion (shut up, you slobz) voila, we're pretty much done!

We'll be making with the uploadie soon, and then we'll be making with the breffist soon after that. I'm hongreh!

Stay tuned for the YouTube addrefs.

[ profile] xtingu
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([ profile] kar0na)

So I'm reading the 5AM post and saying to Jill, "It's like you were asking the gods of Chaos and Destruction to smite your efforts! If I'd been awake, I would have warned you not to jinx yourself!!11oneoneomgponies!"

We discovered that Movie Maker hates mp3's. All you wiseguys out there who already knew this, yeah yeah yeah. We know now. Join in on [ profile] mrl24's jeering of all things Bill Gates.

::apply fake jeers audio blip::
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[ profile] kar0na here again.

After passing out for a few hours, I have awoken with a burst of energy, only to come downstairs to chaos! Apparently the movie player b0rked, and we didn't know if it took the file with it. But hark, the movie has not been lost, though some of the audio overlay might have been. Nothing we can't fix soon enough.

The crew is fairing well, though only two of us actually stayed up the whoooole time - [ profile] boutell and [ profile] mrl24. Our heroes. :)

[EDIT: [ profile] frenzywench has stayed up the whole time as well, though she's showing her support from home now.]
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Jill, after spying a Tim Horton's mug in Boutell's dishrack: DUDE! Is this your mug?
Boutell: Well, it's Eleanor's really.
Jill: WTF with Tim Horton's? Everywhere I go, this restaurant is following me around. It was not in my life up until 3 weeks ago, and since then it has been chasing me around.
Boutell: Yeaaaaah... and...?
Jill: Tim Horton was one of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but I think he's like a drunken wife-beater or something. Why would you name your restaurant after him!?
Jen: Well, did he start the restaurant?
Jill: Yeah, I think so.
Jen: Then that's why he named it with his own name.
Jill: Dude, that's like naming your restaurant frikkin' Ike Turner. I don't care how tasty his stuff was... would you go to dinner at Ike Turner's?!?

In other news, Windows Movie Maker has just taken a substantial dump and is not letting us save the project. It is VERY, very upset, and as such, the team is getting worried. This is not looking very good, and we may have to revert back to a version from a few hours ago. The good news is, we still have 2.5 hours left to knock this out should all our changes be lost. Microsoft, you can suck it. Mac users can quit their gloating any ol' time now.

Other things we've heard:

Tom (exasperated, yelling at computer): Come on! I've got more RAM than Jesus!
Matt is snickering his fool head off.
Tom (very sincerely): Well, I do...
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Holy cow! We've been up for 21 hours! Well actually, we've been up longer than that since we all had to be ready to go at 9am yesterday. But who's counting?

This half-hour went pretty quickly, gotta say.

We just realized that we neglected to put in the woodely-woodely "dream sequence begins" music, so we're tossing that in there now... easy fa-schneezy.

I'm gonna make me a cup of coffee, just because it sounds tasty.

Matt and I ate an entire bag of beef jerky before. Plus the coffee. You can do the maff.
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Howdy all, [ profile] xtingu here.

In our search for a song for the closing credits, we chose The Job Song by The Industrial Jazz Group. I mean, it's fitting, no? Well, you be the judge. You can download the song if you want behind that link and you can read the lyrics, too.

Matt's nursin' a headache which IMHO is dehydration and eye strain. Nuthin' some water and a few hours of shuteye in the world's comfiest bed won't fix.

Breakfast in a few hours at The Morning Glory, and I am so excited about that-- I am salivating already. Dude, homemade ketchup. French toast made of banana bread that is so full of delicious butter that you could wrng it out-- and that is served as an appetizer. AN APPETIZER AT BREAKFAST.

I love my fat country.
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Greetings, True Believers. Xtingu here posting on behalf of The Greater Delaware Avengers. It is rumored that I had a nice 90 minute nap, but I think I mostly laid on the couch jolting awake every time the kids played that god-forsaken alarm-clock sound during the foley editing or gaffing or best-boying or whatever the heck you do when you mix sounds.

Anyhoo, it appears that we have decided on a name for this mighty dream-themed work: "9 More Minutes," which everyone knows is the standard-issue snooze-alarm time allotment. (Begin conversation re: "Mine is 7 minutes!" "Mine is 5!" "I heard it's 9 because it lets you journey back to REM sleep just for a moment." "Oh, I thought it was 9 because that's the maximum you can sleep without actually slipping back into REM." "I'm a fat guy who won't wear hair gel.")

Right now, Matt is working on the credits, which is amazing considering we still have 4 more hours before we have to have anything in a finished state.

I am really impressed with what I've heard of the movie so far, and I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks to the Special FX team for editing out my arse. While you didn't actually see anything, you sure thought you did... and what you thought you saw was SCARY. And this is a children's show. You know, the children. We mustn't forget the children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

OK bye.
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We're slowwwwing down a bit. Fortunately, we're nearly done.

Matt's sound editing is going great, apart from the necessity of rebooting Windows after Windows Movie Maker decides to stop making any noise at increasingly frequent intervals. I'd love to use a different PC or a Mac next time, but so far my Latitude D610 is the only candidate for the job.

I've turned off all of the potentially scary drivers. Does it help? Nope. We save often, so we don't lose much work. Usually. But time... that, we lose. This is why I take setting aside time for editing so seriously.

We won't be redubbing all of the audio, unfortunately. Some of it is noisy, but you can hear the dialogue clearly enough.

[ profile] secondtino's applause effects are wonderful.

Right now the only critical item missing is the end credits. Once we have that, we can blog about cheese for the next four and a half hours if we so desire.

Ugh, Movie Maker just crashed again. This is Not Okay.
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Hi all-- [ profile] theseitz here again.

Here we come up on 4am. [ profile] mrl24  has suffered his second Windows Movie Maker crash of the evening, but he plugs away, titling and adding much needed sound effects to this movie. [ profile] boutell is putting his life back in order and [ profile] frenzywench helps us all, tossing out much needed ideas for the title of this monstrosity.  And I mean monstrosity in the nicest sense of the word.   [ profile] kar0na fell asleep a few hours ago, but she has a bridal shower to go to in the morning.

Mean while, your gentle recapper sits here gently recapping as he flirts once again with alcohol poisoning. God bless us, everyone.

Friendly [ profile] boutell. See?  Friendly.

Your gentle recapper.  Alcohol offscreen

[ profile] mrl24 working his arse off. 
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Hey all, [ profile] theseitz here, rockin' and rollin' with all you bloggers out there in magical internet land.

Yes, I've had a few. Shut up.

Scenes are shot and in the computer, now it's editing time as well as splicing in some credits and subtitles. We've just had our first Windows Movie Maker crash of the evening, but came through it with flying colors. Back to work.

And remember, only one more day until [ profile] smittywing's birthday! Make sure to harass her mercilessly about that, because she LOVES it when people do that.
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Tommencrantz and Mattenstern, your very own Insane Clown Posse.

No, no, it's Matternstern and gentle Tommencrantz!

We're making a movie in 24 hours! It's a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders! Sponsor Us!

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