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I'm thinking about building a social network where you can only post once a day. You'd get a small number of indulgences, of course, in case you elope or your duck graduates. This would encourage less trivial posting and less obsessive reading.

I've been discussing the idea on Facebook, which is a terrible place to have an ongoing discussion, so I thought I'd post here.

I'm thinking there's a buffer where you can work on contributions to today's post, so if you get the urge to say OMG KITTENZ, you can add some KITTENZ to what you'll post later.

I think the special indulgence button needs to be a duck in a mortarboard cap.

The best actual-name suggestion so far is probably Andy Solberg's "broadside," which is currently a squatter domain; I might conceivably be able to buy it.

I whipped up a design sketch tonight which I kinda like (revised version; see also first version). It emphasizes the daily nature of things and tries to be uncluttered and focused on reading. Of course I haven't tried to add an interface for posting and commenting.

Here are my notes:

* No more than one post per day
* Unless you use one of your indulgences, which recharge slowly
* This is the WHOLE POINT so it should be featured right in the name. I was thinking "ourdiem" but that, and most reasonable plays on "day," are taken. "quotidious" is ridiculous... right?
* Just one comment per day per person on any given post
* Comments are always moderated, but make this wildly easy and automatically whitelist people you follow
* No "reblogging", but make it easy to share links in your daily post. Maybe even "pin" other people's posts to remark upon in your post later
* It's OK to edit a past post or past comment. If people are jerks with this feature don't follow them
* Yes to rich text, with one post per day you might want to embroider a bit
* One site-wide visual style. Facebook got that right
* Free, becoming free-plus-ads, with the option of paying to have no ads (if we ever get there)
* Responsive site (iPhone and Android friendly right off the bat), apps later
* Comment on a post without losing your place as you read your feed (LJ still gets this wrong)
* Writing prompts to help you get going
* Social contract: quotidious will be run by a "B corporation" as soon as possible ( ), or perhaps a nonprofit
* Want to log in with Facebook? Fine. Want to log in with Twitter? Fine. I don't care that I don't own you
* Privacy levels and circles (aka "custom friend groups"). We are not Tumblr
* NO aggressive invite feature, it doesn't work anyway, too many people don't know their friends' email addresses now because of Facebook. If you like it, tell somebody about it
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